Song Review: CSS – Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex

September 15, 2008


This openly sexual dance/pop number opens with a number of layered guitars, descending into the lower frequencies as synthetic basses enter with the verse. After some hard-to-hear vocals, the singer jumps an octave into a synthetically sweet tone, (not to mention much more audible), in what passes for a chorus. Following a sigh-filled interlude, the same formula is used again, before the song enters a Portuguese phase and fades out to a refrain that loosely translates to ‘he was a great !@£*, and so am I’.

As is customary for a electro-pop song such as this, the same instrumental patterns are used throughout; a punchy kick drum leads a straightforward dance rhythm, whilst a spread out combination of dance-y guitars and synthetic basses repeat the same addictive hooks and keep the mix busy. Lyrical content is appropriately simple, with a musically themed verse (“From all the drinks the one I like more is music”) meshing with a musically themed chorus (“Music is my boyfriend / music is my girlfriend”).

Overall, a snappily produced and highly addictive dance song. The sugary hooks will prompr you to hit the ‘repeat’ button, and while the lyrics are far from complex, they’re definitely fun.

Pros: well mixed, very addictive, fun lyrics.

Cons: lacks variety and depth.

Rating: 8.7 / 10

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Bon Jovi – (You Want To) Make A Memory {Song}

June 21, 2007

The third track and first single from Bon Jovi’s new album, Lost Highway, (You Want To) Make A Memory – henceforth referred to as ‘Make A Memory’ so that I don’t have to reach for those parentheses on my keyboard – is a slow moving, hearfelt song. Led by Jon Bon Jovi’s tender voice, the four and a half minute song starts slowly, peaks at three minutes, and surges on with powerful instruments dominating the frequencies.

For the first couple of minutes, the song plays well. The drum sways along, the electric guitar blends into the background, and the repeating piano riff gently drives home the story of a night with an old love, although I wonder whether the right side of the mix is overloaded. The symphonic instruments in the background throb gently, sometimes leading the song to the border of excessive grandeur; more often deepening the emotional texture. As always, Jon Bon Jovi’s vocals are up to scratch, with some of the better singing in rock music today.

After a modest crescendo, the song peaks and the instruments take over. The variations in the piano riffs are adequate, although the continuously reverberating piano from the right speaker begins to grate after a while. The vocals soar off into the sky, and the song concludes with a feeling of relief – almost closure.

I do have to wonder whether the instruments drag on for a bit too long; after about 15 seconds, the whole exalted feeling starts getting old. In fact, it’s not only the instrumental part that seems to drag on, did the first part of the song really have to be this long? Or did Bon Jovi just want a four and a half minute length to tag onto a slow song.

Looking at the lyrics of the song, I must admit I’m a bit disappointed. Maybe I just raised my expectations to the hights of the vocal quality, but the lyrics could have gone a bit further – “Sippin’ wine, killing time” does sound a bit of a contrived rhyme, and at places they seem to ‘lose the thread’. This myspace blog entry states that this album’s strength is in its honesty, and looking at this song I have to agree.

Time for the ratings I guess.

First Impression: 72%

After more listening: +13% -> 85%

Final Rating: 85%

My slant: -6% -> 79%

My Rating: 79%

– Nishant

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